Hosting a Soy Candle Party

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Selling Soy Candles By Party Plan

There is no doubting that Party Plan is Free Online Paid Survey Take Just look at the success Bed Breakfast Directory Uk companies such Libro Salute Gatto Tupperware and Bessemer. Alor Malaysia Setar Vacation are now lingerie parties, jewelery parties, shoe & clothes parties etc. With the proven success of party plan for Christopher Globe Radko Snow range of products there is no reason you couldn't make a success of candle parties. Women love to go to parties and candle parties are so excitingly different.

Just remember, that setting up your display for a party is still hard work and you have to get your formula right.

The positive is that these people want to be there. They like and use candles and you have the opportunity to convert them to SOY. Remember most customers are not really interested in the features of your products or Car Insurance Low Priced Rate good your business is. They want the benefits, so clearly tell them why they should buy Soy. Do it right the first time and you will continue to have them as customers.

Soy candles are a product you 18 Wheels And Tire be proud to sell, because they are:

They burn up to 50% longer than paraffin candles.
They burn cleanly, so the quality of air is better.
Soy is a renewable resource.
It is non-toxic and biodegradable.
The wax can be washed put with hot, soapy water which means customers can recycle their jars and you can offer a refill service.

The most important person when having a candle party is not you, but your hostess. Without her doing the work to organize family and friends you have no party.

Once a booking has been made make sure that you contact your hostess by sending her a thank you card (for booking a party) along with your brochures, business card and any other information you may have.

It is a good idea to inform her about how the party will operate and what you need to make the day a success.

It is important to keep her excited about the party and feel confident that she is inviting guests that will enjoy the day.

Here are a few tips to help you Travel Offers your Party Plan Successfully.

1/ The way you display looks is what sells your candles. Take the time to set it up well. Practice at home. You may have to change it around several times until you are satisfied that you have it right. It is means that you can set it up and pack it down much faster.
Prior to the party, speak to the hostess and get some info on where you will be setting up. You may have to rearrange your display. It's always easier if you are prepared.
2/ Remember, of customers choose by fragrance, so have as complete a collection as possible.
3/ Ask the hostess which fragrances she likes and use them during the party.
4/ Take plenty of stock, so that you can do on- the- spot sales.
5/ Have your business, cards, brochures and most importantly order forms with you.
6/ Tell them the benefits of Soy, and also how to safely use and burn their candles.
7/ If you have done your job well, then getting Ga House In Rent Valdosta booking will be easy. Don't forget to ask. Some guests may need a little coaxing.
8/ Make sure you have contact details for everyone at the party for future reference. You can send them a newsletter or a product update at some later stage to keep them in the circle.
9/ Thank your hostess and guests for coming. Present the hostess with her gifts and everyone goes home happy.

Think about what you would be happy with if you were the hostess, then treat your hostess even better and exceed her expectations. She will remember it and so will her guests.

Happy Marketing!

Author Frosa Katsis Wedding Candles Online are in the unique position of being able to offer hand-poured soy based candles in beautiful, aesthetically pleasing glass containers. Our uniqueness lies in the fact that we can customise your wax colour match your wedding theme and table decor and to offer a range of fragrances that compliments your flower arrangements. We offer online sales, classes in Soap & Candle Making, Instructional CD's and candle making kits & supplies. Emu Oil products and olive oil massage oils, glycerine soaps and aromatherapy supplies.

We are based in South Gisborne, Victoria

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