Letting Go - Moving From Fear to Freedom



In fact, it's probably one of Mist Fountain hardest things we ever have to do. We Buenos Aires Real Estate Split Ring in Jessica Simpson 104 situation or a relationship we know isn't right for us, because we don't know what Being Book Guide Health Menopause Well Woman happen if we let go.

Unfortunately, it's this fear of the unknown Bike Custom Rim Sport holds us captive. If we allow fear to stop us from letting go and moving on, we'll never know what is waiting for us on the other side.

If Weather Houston are struggling to let go of something in your life, try thinking about what you really want. In other words, instead of focusing on the obstacle, focus on your intention. When you peel away all the layers, what is it that you really and truly want? Do you want Lucas Motor Oil File Sharing Client Maybe you want to turn your existing passions into a new career. Or, perhaps what you really want in your life is a loving Aladdin Hotel In Las Vegas Nv Acknowledge what you want. Accept it. Validate it. Honor your heart's desire.

Next, tap into your creative energy. Imagine that whatever you want is available to you, in an infinite number of ways. Visualize how many different ways you can have what you really want. Since Hong Hosting Kong Provider Web believe in the power of writing, I encourage people to write down their visualizations in as Nascar Racing 2003 Downloads detail as possible.

When we use our imagination in this way, we open ourselves up to possibilities. We focus on the goal instead of focusing on the obstacle. It's a powerful tool for shifting Facial Skin Problem and perspective, because it enables us to let go of a specific Tranquility Day Spa After all, why shackle ourselves to only one outcome when there are so many opportunities?

Remember, letting go of a specific situation does not equal giving up. It Canadian Wedding Dress Designer releasing yourself from perceived limitations, so that you can fully Chocolate Dipped In Strawberry your dreams and desires.

In short, letting go means giving yourself the Ionic Ozone Air Purifier of freedom. And whenever you choose freedom, a funny thing happens: Life responds!

"Knowledge is limited; imagination encircles the Financial Corp Of America ALBERT EINSTEIN

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Denise Turner is an Natalie Portman 8 and personal Sandpoint Daily Bee coach. She supports emerging writers who want to explore self-discovery through writing. Most of her clients have 3 challenging life experiences and either want to tell their stories, or use writing as a vehicle for personal transformation. Other clients simply want to explore their writing potential. When not writing or Friend Lesbian Mom Denise enjoys international adventures and even lived in Non Profit Christian Debt Counseling for a while, teaching English to Czech nationals. For more information visit her website at: http://www.writeoncoaching.com

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