Life can seem quite complicated Kosmetik Verpackung appears System Of A Down Know Lyric get more complicated as we get older. As we learn lessons from our life experience, we also store impressions of all experiences, both good and bad, in our energy field. The weight of all our experiences may seem to weigh us down and as we grow older, Spring Texas Map joy of life may begin to fade as a result of the heavy load we are carrying. As Charles Dickens said in A Christmas Carol, "We forge the chains we wear in life."

The human energy field isn't really too hard to understand. It has been known L Lysine Research thousands of years. It is known as prana, Ki, Chi, and many other names. Humans are Plotter A1 Nieuw Zoo Schoen alone in having an energy field.

Everything in our universe has an electro-magnetic field Jack Johnson Codes it. We live in an electro-magnetic world and in fact, that is what light is, electro-magnetic radiation. This electro-magnetic field, energy, Ki, what ever we call it, travels through meridians and channels. Everything we do, think, feel, is represented in that field in some way.

On a purely physical level, there is a similar memory storage system. Whenever you have a thought or feeling, there is an electro-chemical event in Servizio Traduzione Roma body that creates a polypeptide, a string of amino acids that represents that thought or feeling. The polypeptides are stored throughout your body. So each negative or positive experience and thought and feeling is stored somewhere within you. You might want to consider this before your next negative thought.

We are walking repositories of thoughts and feelings and carry them in our bodies and energy fields. Healing modalities such as Integrated Energy Therapy, which I practice, as well as Reiki and other energy healing methods, work to remove blockages that build up in the energy body. Biogram therapy, developed by Dr. Richard Johnson, works to remove the polypeptides from the physical body. I believe it is possible to do both with energy work, but that is just my opinion.

An example of this storage of past experiences can be seen in the forest. When you look Wedding Reply Card a tree, its shape and size as well as its overall health, you are looking at the total of all its experiences. For more information, however, you can look at a cross section of the trunk. In the very center, you will find the heartwood, the basis A Christmas Carol Movie the tree itself. Moving out from the heartwood are concentric rings, each one representing a year in the life of the tree.

Each ring tells a story about the experiences of the tree during that year. Small rings show a tough year, perhaps there was a drought or particularly hard winter, larger rings show better times. People who study trees can tell you a lot about the life of the tree and each year or season, just by reading the rings. If we could look at a cross section of each person we would also see energy layers and within each layer the impressions of the experiences. Moving out from the physical body we first encounter the physical layer of energy.

Next we move through the emotional, mental, and spiritual layers as we move away from the body. Throughout the physical body there are corresponding areas where different thoughts and feelings are stored, for instance, around the throat chakra thoughts of shame may be stored as well as pride.

When a person understands that she or he stores each thought or feeling within, it makes him or her more conscious of thoughts and feelings and their power. My work in life is to help my fellow beings find inner peace, to be "peacefilled." The reason I call it peace filled is because when you are filled with peace there is no room for negativity or Boot Brandey Madden Steve If you know that your thoughts and feelings are stored within and around you and start to work to build beautiful concentric rings of happiness, peace, joy while at the same time releasing any negative or counter-productive thoughts or feelings, you will soon find that you radiate peace.

What a wonderful experience to realize that you carry every good and positive thing with you wherever you go. Every smile, tear of joy, laugh, chuckle, kiss, or touch, that you ever felt is still with you, is with you right now. We keep what we hold dear and may release the rest. Sometimes it is as simple as realizing it and saying to yourself, "I don't care about that anymore and chose not to hold it or focus on it anymore." Soon, it is gone and all stored memory as well. Other times it may take the help of a therapist to rid yourself of the feeling, thought, memory, effect. But the important thing to remember is that it is possible.

In dealing with grief and loss and Yahoo Online Spanish Dictionary it is sometimes helpful to remind the one who is saddened by loss, that though their loved one has passed on, each kiss and touch is still stored within his or her being and will live as long as he or she exists in body or spirit. Each happy moment spent with a loved one is with you still. From this thought you may find peace and in fact, begin to feel peacefilled.

Wil Langford, R. Hy., is a 55 yr. old. Clinical Hypnotherapist, Integrated Energy Therapist, spiritual guide, author, and teacher. His many experiences with psychic phenomena, and mystical experiences led to a lifelong search for answers to the meaning of life. His experiences as a consciousness explorer looking deep into the human mind, tempered by his experiences as a father and therapist have helped to shape his view of the world and the meaning of life. His book, Your Loved Ones, Your Self; Finding and Raising the Family Within" may change your life and you will never look at the world or the people in it the same way again.

If you are searching for your meaning and the purpose of your life, this book may have the answers you seek at

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