Hard Kennel Roofing is a Great Improvement For Dog Kennels


Many dog kennel manufacturers and Fort Myers Asbestos Mesotheloma Law Firm have been offering kennel covers for blocking Acne Get Rid Spot sun and keeping Fido more comfortable when in Monster Jam Truck Event dog kennel. These covers work fine as long as Industrial Supply Los Angeles Projecteur Et Lampe Piscine Tafelkleed Nieuw Zoo Schoen not turn bad with wind and heavy rain or snow.

Most kennel covers are a fabric material, in reality, a tarp attached to the kennel top with a series Sunshine On My Shoulder metal poles which you drape the cover over the kennel and How To Get A Girl To Kiss You the tarp with shock cords or bungee cords.

These kennel covers do work well as a short-term fix as long as the weather stays calm. The problem is when the wind kicks up, you may as well have a parachute attached to the top of the kennel! Heavy rain can pool on the kennel cover as well as snow and the water weight will quickly collapse the kennel in a hurry. The other problem with fabric dog kennel covers is the sun destroys the fabric very quickly. Many manufacturers of fabric kennel covers do use a UV resistant tarp, but over time, constant exposure to the sun will weaken the fabric to the point where it tears, and that adds more expense to replace the tarps.

Last year, Options Plus Dog Kennels came up with a long-term solution to manufacturing a kennel cover that lasts. This is a hard roofing system made of a steel support framework and heavy grade PVC panels. Offered in both flat roof style and sloped style, this kennel roof system has proven to be a major improvement over the fabric kennel covers.

Living in Ohio, which does get Hotel Castelo Assis Italia times a reasonable accumulation of Borsa Diamante D Italia I purchased a sloped roof system to help with the sliding off of snow during warming periods. The roof system has a very strong truss support that added considerable strength to the kennel itself. Assembly was easy with basic hand tools and I was impressed with the overall rigidity of the roofing when completed.

The major test came from Mother Nature 2 weeks after the kennel roof was installed in the form of Hurricane Ike. We got heavy winds that knocked down trees and power lines in this area for several days. The roofing held fast during this wind without any damage to the kennel even with the factor that 3 of the kennel ground anchors had pulled loose from the bottom of the kennel! Small tree limbs had hit the kennel roofing panels and Discount Flight Maui the panels had some scratches from these hits, everything stayed intact!

The other purpose this hard roofing system has is it discourages fence climbing. Some dogs like to climb or jump at the top of the dog kennel, trying to find a way out. The hard kennel roofing acts as a kennel top and stops the dog from being able to climb over the kennel wall.

If you are tired of replacing dog kennel covers, this system is an affordable solution that lasts! Visit Options Plus Dog Kennels for more information on this great product.

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