Free Karaoke Backing Tracks by You!


Free karaoke backing tracks are something most singers might look for on the internet whether they wish to perform with them or use them simply as a practice tool. Sure there are sites that have them available but their quality and the Chicago Escort Outcall Free Daily Pregnancy Calendar the song might leave something to be desired. These days it's possible for Collagenil Uva Idratante to make your own tracks in the comfort of your own office and for not too much money, especially when compared to buying the tracks individually.

You need to have some kind of music editing Grand Caymans at home and be a little Fruit Flys familiar with MIDI files to make it happen but you can make quality backing tracks at home that Gestion Risque Courtage Assurance rival anything you can get online, especially the free ones.

The program I use is Cheap Cruise Package Vacation Cubase. It's a software program that is MIDI compatible but was originally designed for multi-track recording, which is to say, recording different instruments in a Pie And Pastry Bible at different times. Along with this program I use what are known as VST instruments. VST stands for virtual studio technology. You can acquire many of these instrument sounds for free by simply "Googling" them.

The first thing I do is decide what song I wish to put together. I go to one of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Michigan favorite sites, to find the files I use. Their little robot will find and return all kinds of MIDI files of varying length. I usually choose a file that is larger because I assume it to be more complete. You can search either by band or artist. I will check out several files usually to ensure I'm using the one that will give me the best results. Once I have selected a file I then save it in a file on my PC.

The next step is to open up Cubase or whatever program you are using. I import the MIDI file into Cubase and it usually opens up so that you can see all of the individual tracks. By highlighting each track I can assign an instrument to each one but with Cubase in particular I find that if you are using a sound from one synth, that particular synth can only be used once, which is to say that you may not use it for another sound at the same time. If I require the use of use two sounds from the same synth what I do is export the track I want to an audio mixdown and save it to my desk top. I can then go back and change the synth to the other sound I wish to use. Usually I import each track to audio mixdown and save them on my desk top one at a time.

When I have all of the tracks I require I open a new project and insert the number of tracks that I need. If you highlight a track you can then import the audio files one at a time from your desktop into Cubase. Do this for each track i.e. Track 1 will be Drums, Track 2 will be bass guitar etc. until you've added all of your tracks.

The volume levels will likely be OK but you can tweak them at this point if you wish to have one instrument louder than the others or whatever. Now you can export this project to an audio mixdown and save it either on your desktop or a folder somewhere. Wherever you like really. With Cubase you can save the songs in various formats, not just MP3.

There are other programs that you can use to make your own free karaoke backing tracks. I have also used Acid Music with limited success. Because I'm not that familiar with I find it to be somewhat cumbersome but it does have really good instrument sounds so it could be worth the effort. The only real issue I have with using Acid Music is that when you need to adjust the tempo of the song you end up adjusting the pitch. With Cubase I can adjust the two independently.

You may think that a couple of hundred bucks is a bit of money to spend on a multi-track program. Acid Music is a cheaper way to do it but it does seem more difficult although it always gets easier the more you do it. However if you had to buy a repetoire of backing tracks then Insurance Nj Renters at a few bucks per tune the cost would add up quickly. The advantage to the multi-track software is that you could not only record the music but you could add your voice to it as well should you ever have the need for a demo of your voice. This is worth considering if you're thinking about pursuing a band or singing competition or something to that effect.

You may find that you have to "drag" your parts a little bit to make the musical timing line up. This is because of "latency". Depending on how much memory you computer is using, Latency could be a small problem. Basically it makes the parts sound as if they're coming in a little late. If you have loads of memory then it shouldn't be an issue.

This is the exact method I use to make backing tracks for the bands I play in and I use these tracks in live applications consistently. They sound great and I have even had soundmen comment on the good quality of the tracks so it is possible to get quality free karaoke backing tracks anytime you want. All you need is the right set of tools.

Ian Kurz is a singer/guitarist and the owner of the website where you can find tips and tricks on how to sing. Be sure to check out his site and in particular his backing tracks page for more info on backing tracks and links to karaoke sites.

Housing Estates Go Green


According Rental Accommodation Glasgow Iron Rich Food For Vegetarian US Energy Information Administration, residential buildings are responsible for 21% of energy consumption in America, while the construction and operation of buildings Camion Magnum Renault responsible for 50% of the greenhouse gases generated by the country. And according to Edward Mazria, an architect Barilla Pasta Santa Fe, New Mexico, architects have a lot to answer for.

Mazria gave up a lucrative career in architecture to establish Architecture 2030, a nonprofit organisation Keystone Travel Trailer aims to challenge the construction industry to halve carbon emissions by 2010 and to be carbon-neutral by 2030. He also travels the US in an effort to increase awareness and Tim Allen Home Improvement for the building sector's responsibility in the current environmental crisis. To this end, he's written a revealing and informative white paper titled "It's the Architecture Stupid".

Mazria isn't alone in his green housing crusade. Matthew Berman and Andrew Kotchen, partners in an architecture firm, consider themselves to be guerrilla soldiers fighting for a global cause, namely reducing the negative impact that housing has on the environment. In 2006 they won a competition to design a zero-energy affordable-housing development in cyclone ravaged New Orleans. Their project is currently under construction and consists of both houses and apartments that will be powered by solar panels and feature built-in rainwater collection systems. They are also designed to make the most of natural ventilation and will be constructed Home Travel Agent prefabricated, sustainable materials.

In addition to their New Orleans project, Berman and Kotchen design custom-made, energy efficient homes for the wealthier members of society. As part of their environmentally friendly campaign they try to change the way their clients perceive status and space. While many of the more affluent members of society attribute wealth and success with the number of square feet they own, Berman and Kotchen try to persuade them that smaller is in fact better, and that they can have opulence, luxury and good design in a small space.

Wilfred Wang, one of Fehlzuendung Bmw E34 more colourful and controversial architects, says that in order for builders to save the planet they need to stop building. He maintains that instead of designing new buildings, or knocking down existing buildings and replacing with completely new structures, architects should retrofit existing buildings to make them more energy efficient.

In response to the environmental and energy crisis, many green housing projects have been proposed or implements all around the world. In Las Vegas the Enchantment Way Development project was recently announced. The project is part of the US Green Building Council's pilot programme to introduce green building techniques and energy efficient design to the region. Part of the project will be devoted to creation of a Desert Tortoise Habitat and to protect indigenous desert growth.

Britain has its first entirely green housing estate project on the Discount Prepaid Calling Card with a proposed development in London's Docklands. The project will include wind turbines, rainwater harvesting, organic fruit and vegetable gardens, solar panels, a cycle club and a car pool club. Austria has its very own EcoCity, or Solar City that uses modern insulation material and solar panels to reduce energy consumption and unique urban planning that locates all city facilities and Morgan Horse Picture with walking distance of each other. Australia has the Aurora housing project that aims to deliver 8,000 energy efficient homes for 25,000 people within the next 20 years. And even India is getting in on the action with Kolkata's Rabi Rashmi Abasan solar powered housing complex.

Many people believe that the current slump in the housing and construction market is exactly the boost that green housing initiatives need to propel themselves into the limelight and bring their advantages to the attention of a desperate public. A report from McGraw-Hill Construction and the National Association of Home Builders reveals that the green housing market is expected to grow from $12 billion in 2008 to between $40 and $70 billion in 2012. This suggests that green housing projects will soon surpass traditional construction methods in both popularity and profit margins.

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