Act II

Scene 2

Secret of the Beast: Even if you win, you lose

[2016 AD]

Advance: The World: it had come the last days; dramatic prophetic events were about to happen to earth. Israel was about to come under fire Sigor Ros an Army from the North [Russia]; An Arab Confederacy developed; Egypt was very much involved with this new order. Conquests, the Antichrist was near by. Oil and Gold were running wild at the Re Felt Pool Table market. A Superpower bends Egypts knees. Massive starvation was now taking place, and the United Nations could do nothing about it. Inflation hit the world under satanic influence, like an earthquake, skyrocketing inflation, and food riots and chaos; there was much international strife. Cataclysmic pole shifts were taking place, as the earth tumbles about, its crust slips a bit, trying to for an alignment. And on the Radio, and TV, the world leader speak:)

World Leader: Ye, this among gentiles, prepare for war, we will wake up to the mighty men of the world for it is time for our war, let them come up: beat your plowshares into swordscome, one and all, gather yourselves with me, come to the Valley Jeshoshaphat.

(And they came with alcohol, drugs and swords, and guns, and every thing possible, and the world saw much epidemic, and this was happening, while at the Circle of Refiam, much foolishness going on)

Azazel (to Horrep and Noge): men fall her beauty, and demons try to understand it, but they both glory under her flesh, and Mall Outlet Premium Rock Round more of it.

Roe: There are Agency Germany Philippine Travel laws with us pertaining to humans, never have been, but Noge makes rules for us like humans.

Noge: First tell how thou comtst to find this woman called Agdo, who is she?

Horrep: She come to me, not I to her.

Noge: Tell me with no more ado!

Horrep: I was on Mt. Hermon, waiting for a sign, waiting for you, it was cold, the night John Deere 3120 and stars over my head, I felt odd, it was 5000-years since I had been back here. I felt sounds of drums, it broke my silence, and deep thinking, and they sank into my being, as if they were pulling the cords of my heart, several harlots appeared and they got my attention, I cold hear their deep breathing, I cold see her deep lips, voiceless, she called me to her, Agdo. Then all of a sudden she was standing next to me, and her friends had gone; it was my silent wish to have her, she read my mind, and I Home For Sale In Englewood Florida you would want her, your first flesh, and from a beautiful woman.

Noge: You sure it was she?

Horrep: That one (pointing his finger at Agdo; I know it was herm my hands were on her breasts.

Noge: Yes! Then what? Did she speak? What did she say?

Horrep: Aye, what? This was her mystery, she didnt need to, a gleam, a look, an echo in my mind, and she was all of this. I think it is Gods silence in her (the Jews magic); she can take enormous pain, she made love to me. The girl is not dumb, she just does not tell her secrets.

Noge: She is the most loveliest and strange of all things, more beautiful than day and night.

Azazel: See her, she looks so placid, she looks for the end of us, destruction.

(Vii is now walking, moving slowly towards her)

Noge: I told him to leave her alone!

Azazel: We have other business to attend Free Spyware Protection she has Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera enough of our time. We must enter the gates of Jerusalem soon, and into the Valley for the battle. I know not why he fools with this hussy. She walks and makes no sound. She smiles and music comes from her. All things come for a reason.

(All the giants, demon, angelic renegades are looking at the woman, her eyes now cast down, all pause to look, to think, silently: who is she)

(Vii has stopped, he seems to be frozen, no one knows why, she has lifted her head a ting, and her eyes see Vii that is all)

Semyaz: I remember once, a beautiful silver strange angelic being by the name of Urael came down to earth when we were cohabitating with the humans, God sent him, and he buried many of us for 5000-years, some of us here, others got away, but now we are all back, Beware now how thou dost see her, use her, lest you end up under stones like we were!

Azazel: That is for her to prove, who she is.

(Now Art Black Clip History started walking towards her, he has had enough of the parade of events she has created ((angrily))

(Azazel is now standing by Vii, takes a hard blow to his head, wakes him up form a spell, or something)

Azazel: Stay with me (he tells Vii and they both walk horridly to her). Her spirit and flesh ae not of time, sh has come form a different time then this, I know that, not sure why, or how, but I seem to have good second sight today, unless she is communicating something to my mind silently.

(Now they are in front of her, and he goes to grab her, and as the slightest touch sudden wings come to defend her, out of her back, above her Scariest Ghost Picture below her waist, from her things. The sting, have thorns on them, they torment with their stings, and both Vii and Azazel step back))

Vii (stuttering): she has immortality.

Azazel: I will part those legs and those lips and rip her apart (now you see the gazing of lions in her eyes, and Azazel is unsure of what to do)

Act II

Scene 3

Agaliarept: the Henchman of Hell

(Agaliarept, has now appeared at the site called: the Circle of Refiam. And he calls to Azazel, he knows who she is)

Agaliarept: I am, the General of a legend of demon in hell, and I am Lucifers right hand man there: the Henchman of Hell they call me. I know who this woman is, Lucifer has sent me, he hears the chaos she is causing here, he is the king, the god of the air you know, and has sent me to explain. She is the daughter of Shamhat, the temple priestess of old Sumerian Uruk; dating back perhaps to 2700 BC, if not longer; the time of Gilgamish. She was the prostitute of Enkidu. Leave her daughter to her own, she is harmless, and only your distraction, Agdos penitence is this: you are her penitence.

(White doves appear and fly over her head, silver fire comes from her mouth, her breasts are not covered, and other parts of her body covered by wings. Azazel is angry, and tries to get closer to her, to harm her, and Agaliarept shakes his head, he didnt seem to listen to him, and time is of the essence. As Azazel tries to touch her again, she turns into a scarlet butterfly. And is gone.

Semyaz: Yea! The northern armies have come now to overthrow Jerusalem, I have heard them fighting, and we were to join the battle (Azazel looking for the butterfly)) Semyaz speaking to everyone but Azazel))

Horrep: This was a trick to lure me into lust, and then my son, who is innocent of such feelings, and now the battle of Jerusalem is lost because of us, I fear, over a harlot. She is the witch of God, of Israel.

Noge: Father, she is just a gir?

Horrep: Of course, what else, if Lucifer House For Rent Calgary out we are condemned to his wickedness likened to the dogs of hell? She brought this doom upon us; Russia has attacked Israel, and a nuclear attack has taken place, Russia has lost many men (telepathically)

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