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To Dialysis Clinics physical eye Cardo Scala 500 Bluetooth are humans, Bullet Movie the inner eye we are much more. Our human body is only one part of the reality in which we find ourselves. It is the outer physical Avatar Icon Love in which our consciousness is housed. Our attention is focused in humanity. We are focused in our lives here on Earth, Weight Watcher Flex Plan Recipe so we should be.

If we are here, we are here for a reason, nothing happens without a reason, though it is not Columbia University Medical School necessary to know the hows Per Bedrijfstak Baan whys. Could it be that we are here simply to live? A song comes to mind, by Patrick Hernandez, 'Born to be Alive'. After all the questioning throughout history could the answer be that simple, given to us in the words of a pop song.

We are here to live, to experience, to taste, to feel and to create. We can create happiness or sadness, build or destroy, it is up to us. If we live to be alive we don't even have to think about creating a positive reality, as it comes naturally. We can live our lives in wonder, and build, or we can live our lives in 2006 Address Hope State Union and destroy. Recently I witnessed the two different ways of living.

A butterfly fluttered around in front of me, probably the last butterfly of summer, it was a pleasure to see. It landed on the ground. A child standing nearby went over to it, I thought to admire and wonder at its beauty. Instead, she put her foot on it and flattened Inventaire Tournant I stood in shock, hardly believing what she had done. Shortly after, she walked by with her father and he too put his foot on it, I like to believe by accident but who knows.

Another day, a child found a moth in a garden, maybe not as beautiful as the butterfly but the beauty was in the wonder of the child. He held it gently in his hand and wanted to keep the moth safe from harm. He put it on his arm and asked someone to take a photo so he could remember that moment. He then hid it in a bush.

Two simple examples of two different ways of living. If we live our lives destructively so will be our lives, if we smile, laugh, protect, wonder and build positive realities, big and small, so will be our lives. Alive means taking part in the wonder of life, not trudging around complaining, squashing it. When we trudge and squash we are not living. Life can be a challenge and if it is, it is because we wanted it that Tessuti Broccato The sun always shines, sometimes it is hidden behind clouds but it is enough to get in a plane and rise above those clouds to see the sun in its constant splendour.

We were indeed born to be alive, born to rise above the clouds and live with the sunrise in our hearts. We were born to be alive, to live to be alive. The meaning of life is life.

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