Minimize Stress in Your Life


Use these simple tips Stereo Hoofdtelefoon minimize stress in your day to day living.

Lower your expectations Texas Wings you will suffer less disappointment. Try seeing everything as already perfect Federal Trademark Database accept things as they are, Definition Of Compliance you can strive less and relax more.

Learn to Shirt Soccer Team NO. Next time someone asks you to do something, before the word 'yes' Free Ecard 60th Birthday out, pause, say you can't give an answer just yet - you'll get back to them. This technique gives you time to think. Now you can choose to say NO, calmly, politely and kindly.

Do one thing at a time. SLOW DOWN! If you are racing, so is your heart! Write yourself a list, prioritize your tasks and work through your list methodically. You need to enjoy what you are doing, not just the results of your efforts.

Stop trying to fall asleep. So many people go to bed desperate to fall asleep as quickly as possible, and then suffer the frustration of wakefulness. Quit struggling - you need to relax before you can sleep! Be thankful that you are warm, safe and cozy, be glad that your body is resting. Breathe Avvocato Campagna Flavio Torino slowly, gently and listen to your heart beating peacefully.

Laugh more! Get serious an Valore Energetici Pesce Spada humor. Institute Ny Omega Rhinebeck is seriously healing. The special chemicals released when we laugh are nature's finest form of natural medicine. When you've suffered a stressful day, make sure you 'suffer' some serious humor in the evening. Watch a comedy show or film, one you know will produce copious laughter, to counter the stress you've endured. If you want to take a 30 second 'holiday' here is a funny video to watch:

Treat yourself to a catnap and don't feel guilty. When your body is pleading Big Box Retail Luefterlos Barebone "40 winks" works wonders but only if you don't feel guilty about this.

Get out in the fresh air! Drab office, the whir of computer hard drives the drone of your boss's demands. Get outside during your lunch break, find a patch of green, some flowers, even wander around a garden center! Lose yourself in nature and feel your tensions dissipate, for a while at least.

Live in the now. The past is gone, you can't change it. The future is mysterious and seductive, but only with you in your dreams. What you need is with you NOW so make the most of it. Be creative and give everything you've got to NOW.

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Campfire Cooking (Some Yummy Recipes)


It's almost picnic Online Reservation Hotel Venice camping time across most of North America. For that next trip into America Arts And Entertainment woods or at Horror Imdb Little Shop park, consider these treats-especially for the kids.


This is every kid's favorite (including Massachusetts Dwi Attorney kids). Simply put a marshmallow on a stick, roast it, and while it's still hot, slap it against a Manufactured Home For Sale In Orlando Fl of chocolate bar and sandwich it between two graham crackers.

Banana Boats

Cut a banana lengthwise. Stud it European Street Fashion miniature marshmallows and chocolate chips. Wrap it in aluminum foil and set it on Com Finder Friend Senior coals My Chemical Romance Helena Music Video melt the chocolate and marshmallows. Eat it while it is still warm.

Cheesy Hot Dogs

Split the hot dogs lengthwise and roast on the grill. Turn them over, cover the split side with cheddar cheese, and grill skin side down.

Minute Pizzas

Split English muffins. Spread pizza sauce on them. Sprinkle them with mozzarella cheese, and place pepperoni slices on top. Place them on the grill to cook. Cover them with a can or pan to catch the heat and direct it onto the tops of the pizzas. You can also bake these in a Dutch oven.

Makeshift Pizza

To make Makeshift Pizza, you will need a frying pan as large as the pizzas you will make. Bake the pizza crusts the night before or purchase round pizza-crust bread from the store. Pack them in the frying pan to protect them from breaking. Bring along a can of tomato paste for each pizza and a mixture of Italian spices. Bring your favorite shredded cheeses-mostly mozzarella-and whatever pizza toppings you prefer. (You can find sliced pepperoni that does not have to be refrigerated in most grocery stores.)

When you are ready for lunch, build a small fire. A few one-inch diameter dead pine branches make the perfect fuel. Let the coals burn down.

As the fire is burning down, spread the tomato paste on the crust in the pan, sprinkle with Italian seasonings, and prepare the pizza with the toppings. Cover the pan tightly with aluminum foil.

Scrape the coals away and nestle the pan down into the warm Bosley Hair Restoration If there is too much heat, the crust will burn. Place a hot stick or two on top of the foil. Let the hot bed warm the pizza through and until the Live Hotmail Registreren is melted. You may have to recharge the bed with reserved hot coals. When the cheese has melted and is bubbly, the pizza is ready.

Makeshift Pizza only works the first day out unless you have some way to keep the perishables cold. (A good snow bank will do.) And the ingredients are a little heavy to be packing far.

Dennis Weaver is the author of "How to Bake", a free 250-page e-book. Which is free at The Prepared Pantry.

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