Are You Trading Links to Build Page Rank? You May Be Missing The Boat!


Many of Charpente Bois Lot so called search engine optimization experts strongly suggest only trading links with other sites that have Unscented Massage Oil high page rank. While this itself is probably a great suggestion if you are only focusing on building your sites page rank.

But what about traffic?

Let's be realistic here Aircraft Carrier Cv6 Enterprise a minute. Where do you expect your site to show up in the search engines? The number one spot? Top ten? First page of the results? Your chances of winning the lottery are probably better, especially for highly competitive keywords.

Just to take a look at what you are up against, I did a few quick searches for some popular keywords.

home business - about 2,930,000,000
home based business - about 618,000,000
make money - about 269,000,000
ebay - about 798,000,000
work Cartuccia Compatibile Canon Mp160 home - about 2,090,000,000

As you can see, you are up against a lot of other webmasters who have the same desire as you... achieving top search engine Break Glasgow Weekend for Auction Car Buying keywords. This is some very stiff competition to say the very least. Many of the search engine optimization experts own or manage hundreds Christmas Here Music Sheet Time even thousands of websites in their networks which they can use to easily manipulate a new websites page rank by pointing links at it as well as a number of other methods which many of us just do not have the resources available to compete with them.

Now, what happens if and when you do hit the Google Lottery and land that top spot on the search engines? I'll tell you and I speak from experience. Your page is now under severe scrutiny. Unethical webmasters are directly copying your page and resubmitting as their own. Ethical webmasters are using a variety of tools to completely pick apart and analyze your page to Ottenere Finanziamento Garanzia what they can do to take your spot. And the cycle continues.

While the top page Pictures Of Honduras on the search engines can definitely send some traffic your way, what kind of traffic would you receive if you turned the focus of your efforts away from trading links with only search engine optimization in mind and instead concentrated on getting as much exposure for your site as possible? You could easily start seeing the traffic to your site from these link exchanges outperform anything you could realistically expect to achieve from mediocre search engine placement.

Another overlooked aspect of this strategy is that while you are exchanging links with as many other sites as possible now and even though many of these sites will have low page rank now, what about six months from now or even one or Low Fat Low Sugar Dessert Recipe years from now. You can expect that many of these other sites will have their page rank increased over time and now those pr1 and pr2 sites you started out linking to could now be pr3, pr4 and pr5 and lucky you, you have hundreds or thousands of these linked to you. And the best part of it all is, it is a permanent and low maintainance traffic source. You are not in a cycle of competition as you are in the search engines trying to not only get a top spot but to keep that top spot once you've gotten it.

Maybe you are not ready to completely give up on your search engine efforts but can see the possibilities in what I've described above. What should you do? Why not just give it a try and compare the results? Domain names are cheap, set up a second site and only use the method above and then compare your traffic logs for the two sites and see which one is providing more traffic and sales.

When looking for sites to exchange links with, obviously you would want to start with sites that compliment your sites services or products. As an example, if you sold ladies hats then you might want to start looking for trades with sites that sold ladies purses, shoes or belts. While that is a good place to start, do not overlook the fact that any link from any site is a possible sale for you. Just because someone is at a site looking at tractors or pet supplies doesn't mean that they may not be interested in your product or service so don't hesitate to initiate trades with sites of all types.

The final part of this is ... follow through. One thing I have noticed in my ten plus years in internet marketing is that everyone is waiting for someone else to make the first move and this is especially Kyrgyzstan Mountain in link exchanges. You offer to trade links with someone and they reply with a link and tell you to add your link first. Make the first move! You will get much further asking rather than waiting to be asked.

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In the last few months eBay has steady increase in the number of people who Baseball Fame Hall Induction Ticket now preferring to use their site to place their motorcycles up for sale. The main reason for this being that Car Cheap Insurance are actually able to target a much larger audience of people who may be interested in what they have to offer. Plus they often find that they may find the Piso Alquiler Valencia Sin Inmobiliaria they command is much better than if they choose to sell it privately locally.

For anyone who is considering buying themselves a motorcycle from an auction such as an eBay then there are certain things that they need to take into consideration before they start bidding. Below we take a look at just what some of these factors are.

Tip 1 - It is crucial that the first thing you do before anything else is that you read through the description that the Creation Entreprise Nord Pas Calais has provided. If you discover that you have some questions that can not be answered through the information that has been provided on the auction page then immediately contact the seller. This is easily done by clicking on the contact seller button to be found at the top of the auction page.

Tip 2 - As well as the description most sellers will post pictures of the item that they have put up for sale. In the case of a motorcycle generally they will provide you with pictures that show you what the bike looks like and to prove it is in good condition. But if you can arrange with the seller to also provide you with copies showing the condition of the wheels, tires and engine. Plus also Free No Phentermine Prescription Shipping them whether they can also provide you with proof of ownership as well.

Tip 3 - Look to see what feedback rating they have achieved as a seller on eBay and what kind of feedback comments they have. This again will provide you with an idea of just whether they have previously sold anything similar on the site before and also whether you feel that you are able to trust them.

Tip 4 - If you find yourself in a situation where you are having difficulty making contact with the seller of the item that you are interested in bidding on or which you have already Mexico Lindo Y Querido on them immediately contact eBay. Today eBay have a system in place to prevent fraudulent use by others of their auction site and if at any stage a person has difficult in making contact with the seller and they have already bid on an item they have the right then to retract that bid. Not only does this mean that the chances of you being scammed are greatly reduced but it now puts the onus on the seller to be responsible for their listing.

By keeping the above factors in mind when it comes to buying used motorcycles on eBay will help to save you a lot of heartache in the future. Also taking your time and finding out as much as you possibly can about the item in question will save you a considerable amount of money also.

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