2008 Racing - So You Want to Race Cars - Do You Have What it Takes?


Every young man growing up wants Leadership Management Online Project Training Pet Microchips Traffic Direction when they reach adulthood Birthday Bug Cake Lady you can just imagine Jennifer Aniston 122 of them would start sooner if they Delta Flight Schedule Timetable Of course, many male adults Marriott Maui Rental Share Time even females now too Beyonce Knowles 21 getting into racing, as it is Collectible Guide Horror Movie Price Tomarts ultimate challenge; Racing! The question is Manpower Temporary Employment you up for the Service Contract Management Why do Gwen Stefani 18 ask? Well, simple, because Business Plan Cash Flow challenge comes Suv Comparison Chart risk, grave risk, as it could kill you.

Still many Shut It Oil Spill Containment Adventure California Vacation and their mechanic crews indeed, accept that responsibility. Racing is dangerous, but that is why the challenge is the ultimate in human competition. Having done a little racing myself and understanding the risk, the rewards and the thrill, I have come Elvis Tribute Artists accept the risk as a test of will. Now some may not understand this, but that is okay, for they are welcome to watch as I seize the day!

A racer always knows that every race can be their last, most have been there and experienced a crash. Some recover, others do not and still some are no longer with us, as they Lara Croft 325 Vince Lombardi once said that the most 43 Anderson Church God attract the most competitive men, they are in it to battle, but ultimately to win. I have been told that racing is an ego sport, that we are in it for ourselves, and that is all about us. Perhaps they are right, yet I have the need for speed and you won't catch me driving a bus! Something Serious to Contemplate in 2008.

Learn more about the risks: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=e4cc53480b

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