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One way that you may be able to sell your home is by offering Block Blues Classics Country Guitar Rory Teaches financing yourself. This is not as risky as it sounds, thanks to a new web site that has opened up called 'Virgin Money USA'. Virgin has streamlined a way for ordinary people to arrange loans Whole Sale Electronics it is all explained online in their 'Guide to Seller Mortgages'.

The web site was founded by a fairly well-known British entrepreneur, once an ordinary man in the street, Cosmetology Florida In School now in recognition of his business successes, he is 'Sir Richard Branson'. He is the owner of several companies from Virgin Airlines to Virgin cell phones and has now opened Virgin Money, a new Boston-based business.

There was a time, years ago, when seller financing was popular; now re-named 'take back' financing, it is becoming necessarily popular again. With the Virgin Money USA program, everything is negotiable from the down payment, rates and the terms of the loan.

There is no bank involvement, because it is the seller who is in effect the bank. The owner can collect interest and principal in exactly the same way that the bank does. It is one way of making extra money on your home, if you can afford it.

One of the reasons that this system has not previously been utilized is because of the lack of guidance on how to offer it and remain Isuzu Autohaendler secure from a financial point of view. This has all been taken care of by Virgin Money USA, for a small fee of between $699 for the basic package and $1999 for the closing package. Virgin will offer guidance in helping you to access their comprehensive service.

This includes help and advice with the loan terms, legal documentation for the mortgage note, escrow Dvd Clone Software title searches and loan closings. They will also Kosher Food Online the credit reporting for the buyer and the monthly servicing of the loan, including reminders on late payments.

If this sounds feasible, but you want to feel more reassured, go to the web site of Virgin Money USA and download their 'Guide to Seller Mortgages', which will walk you through the key steps. This business has experienced a 'double digit increase' in the last 30 Gb Ipod New Video alone.

Monthly payments from the buyers are received and processed (or chased up) by Virgin Money and from each payment a modest $9.00 charge is siphoned off to Virgin Money for the fee.

As a seller, you and the buyer decide the price, the down payment, how many years and at what rate you will agree to in order to sell your home. Virgin encourages an agreement whereby the seller gets a balloon payment at the end of a specified number of years.

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